Our Vision

The evil of human trafficking has spread like wild fire across the world.

The flames of this formidable foe can be overcome!

Only you can stop human trafficking.

Are you compelled to act?

Get help to navigate the issues of trafficking, determine how it touches your life, and strategize your personal response.



Educate. Advocate. Engage.

Everyone needs to know their human trafficking footprint and how they can make a difference concerning the issues of trafficking to personally address the problem. Therefore, we also endeavor to provide education and consultations on a variety of aspects of global trafficking, including, but not limited to:

  • Human Trafficking 101- trafficking in the U.S. context
  • Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking – sexual exploitation of children
  • Connecting the dots of pornography and the demand for sex trafficking
  • Prevention, Intervention, Education and Restoration – Find Your PIER
  • Specialized topics on human trafficking upon request
    • Fair Trade for goods and services
    • Addressing demand
    • Developmental approaches to prevent and reduce vulnerability
    • Recovery for victims – models of care

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Everyone has a part to play in ending human trafficking.